Private Training

Private Personal Training

This is our most popular training program. We offer personal 30 and 60 minutes sessions in a safe and secure setting. Where the Powerplay fitness specialists assess your fitness goals and create a training regimen that blasts fat quickly and builds lean muscle; focusing on technique and plenty of effective stretching.

*Note – All of the trainers at Powerplay are highly qualified and certified. This means you get the cream of the crop in personal fitness training for FAST results!

Private Personal Training


“”You have to push past your perceived limits, push past that point you thought was as far as you can go.”

– Drew Brees


At Powerplay, we have personal training opportunities that will benefit everyone. Powerplay certified personal trainers will get you motivated, support and encourage you to push toward your true potential, and help you reach your goals faster. It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, our expert personal trainers will develop a personal goal-focused training regimen that will direct and support you in exceeding those goals through diverse personalized training sessions created to challenge you ever time.

My team makes the time to assess your fitness knowledge and level, to create a challenging motivational program within your comfort zone, that produces measurable results fast. Our goal is to inspire you to want more and get excited about reaching your goals; accomplishing far more than you ever thought possible.

Teaching clients how to create new long-term healthy fitness habits is what we do.

Doesn’t matter whether you’ve never exercised a day in your life, if you run several days a week, or if you’re an accomplished athlete; we can make you better.

Overall health and wellness is about so much more than just a fitness and nutrition regimen. We design programs that go above and beyond those things so you not reach your goals, but keep the results and learn a whole new and sustainable way of life.

Our fitness specialists make sure you find your balance, reach your goals, and are motivated to push further today, tomorrow, and forever.

So Why Do So Many People Fail in their fitness goals?

  1. They don’t set clear, realistic goals.
  2. They never set an actual timeline to achieve their goals.
  3. They lack a detailed plan of action that evolves with their progress and goals.
  4. They don’t have accountability and guidance to keep them on track when things feel tough and at times, it does get that way.
  5. They don’t know where to start.

At Powerplay, we change all of that by guiding you through a detailed action plan with our fitness experts tailored specifically to your goals, struggles and experiences.

Powerplay is your Solution…

Try us out risk-free and set yourself up for continued health and wellness for life.

Totally FREE, get your No Obligation fitness consultation which includes a personalized fitness assessment and a customized one-on-one training session “test drive.”

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